Rohto Lycee Contact Eyedrops (for Contact Lens)

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Rohto Lycee Eyedrops

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Rohto Lycee Contact Eyedrops [8ml]
Ideal for those having dry eyes while wearing contact lenses. The ultimate solution to dry or sore eyes when using contacts! A wonderfully delicate formula, that refreshes and rehydrates sore and tired eyes. This is also suitable for people who wear color contacts.

Main function:
- Hydrate the eyes
- Reduce redness of your eyes
- Refreshing your eyes

How to Use:
- up to 5-6 times daily.
- Put 1 or 2 drops on the affected eyes 

This eye drop contains corneal treatment ingredient (Chondroitin sulfate Natrium), moisture ingredient (HEC).
Discontinue using if pain, itching, or sensitivity occurs.




Product review

5 Average rating , total 2 reviews

Andrea Chung

16 Mar 2017

/ 5

Moisturise my eye

it finally arrived ! bought this eye drop last month , i use few drops especially after long hour of wearing color lens. this eye drop can be found in japan only.

Gina A.

06 Mar 2017

/ 5

Very cute eyedrops !

The packaging attracted me so I bought one for myself. It does help to moisture my eyes. It looks really cute ! Good to have one in my bag ><