Puffy 3 Tone - Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens (known as Shinny Grey)

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/ 5

Will purchase again

The Puffy 3 Tones Gray tones makes you eyes sparkle in three different tones. The outer black rim surrounds an inner design made of two colors. The inner colors can be blue, brown, green, grey, pink or violet. At $22.00 these lenses provide value for money. With a width of 16.50 mm they are guaranteed to give a wide eye look and make onlookers wonder in amazement. These make your eyes feel relaxed throughout the day.

Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00
Price is for 2 pcs of lenses / 1 pair
Life Span : 1 year
B.C : 8.6 mm
Diameter : 16.50 mm
Water Content : 38%
Origin : South Korea 


buy natural looking puffy 3 tones grey online

Product review

4.8 Average rating , total 17 reviews


26 Jun 2018

/ 5

Very Nice

Will purchase again


14 Aug 2017

/ 5

Every day wear

Love, love, loooooove these contacts! I naturally have dark brown eyes, and when I wear these contacts, I ALWAYS get compliments on them. People ask me all the time if my eyes are real. That's how much these contacts look super natural and beautiful. Highly recommend, especially if you have dark brown eyes, and can't seem to find the right color contacts to brighten up your eyes. Looks even more beautiful in pictures as well!

Kuro Kyashi

22 Jan 2017

/ 5

Best lenses for everyday wear

The best lenses for everyday wear I was able to find. They are quite large and have a very nice (and definitely noticable) enlarging effect. The best part is color - grey covers my dark brown eyes nicely and looks both natural and vivid, thanks to graduation in the middle part of lenses.
My favourites. :)


05 Apr 2016

/ 4

Better in picture.

The lense color is bit vivid on the grey part that it looks pale blue-ish color rather than grey on my dark brown eyes and didn't blend too well (since I like the lense to blend in with my eye color). But because it's vivid it shows very well in pictures, and for some I be life it could be semi natural look without looking too much like a bug eye. At first I thought I mistakenly ordered Siberian blue in other brand/product. Overall diameter is decent and it is comfortable, will last LONG with good care and hygiene.


02 Dec 2015

/ 5

these lens look as natural

these lens look as natural as possible considering they are circle lens. They are comfortable as well. I wear them to work, 8 hour days, with no problems. I do recommend


18 Aug 2015

/ 5




26 May 2015

/ 4

vibrant lens

the lens is really vibrant, the shade is a bit blue-ish gray. It is very noticeable considering I have dark brown eyes. It also gives the dolly eye effect which makes your eyes look big. It is not really as comfortable as I hoped it would... I can wear it not longer than 6 hours, it gives this burning sensation in my eyes after wearing it a long time. I probably must use eye drops.

Overall if you want vibrant grey lenses that will give you a dolly eye look, I would definitely recommend this.


16 Feb 2015

/ 5

Comfortable, nice size, great color and design.

I've tried many grey circle lens in the past. Most of them were irritating to my eyes, regardless of what size they were. These ones are very comfortable, feels the same as wearing regular clear contact lens. I can wear these much longer than the others that I've tried, although they can get a little dry after a few hours of wear. I like the size, they have a noticeable enlarging effect without looking too unnatural. The color is vibrant in all types of lighting - most other grey contacts are dark and can only be seen with flash. The design is nice and subtle, so they look overall quite natural despite the vibrant color.


12 Feb 2015

/ 5

3tone puffy grey on grey/blue eyes

These have been my go to lenses for 4 yrs, love them. Very comfortable and a nice enlarging effect that still manages to look normal. Lens village always has the best price and fast cheap shipping!


13 Jan 2015

/ 5


These lenses are soo pretty and cover my bark brown eyes perfectly. On my eyes, these lenses seem like a blueish grey, they look amazing and change my look completely. They are super natural and super confortable. I wear them to work for about maximum 10 hrs and they are still comfy. Highly recommend.


11 Jan 2015

/ 5

Love it

Looks Naturalon my deep skin tone


21 Nov 2016

/ 5


Those lenses make my really big, it has really light color so it pops out, but its still quite natural compared to other lenses. It looks less unatural when you put more make up on.


02 Jan 2015

/ 4

Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens Review

these are great! They sometimes make me look weird, like in broad daylight, but they look marvelous in pictures!!!


16 Nov 2016

/ 5

Great deal!

I’ve purchased Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens from LensVillage because of the reasonable price with free worldwide shipping. Before purchasing this lens, I actually wanted to purchase some other lenses but unfortunately it was out of stock. LensVillage sent me a mail stating that the lens are out of stock and in addition they recommended me the Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens. It was very nice of them giving me the informations about this lens and I went for it. Turns out this lens are one of my favourite lens because it is super comfortable and light. The color is awesome which provides a little enlarging effect. I would recommend this lens to those who wears it for a long period and this is the perfect lens for daily wear. Definitely will come back for this lens.


10 Nov 2016

/ 4

Contacts that enlarge your eyes

Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens makes my eyes shine in 3 different tones. The colour of the lens are vibrant and appears to be an opaque contacts. The contacts have an enlarging effect while providing a natural look. Moreover, it is very suitable for someone who wears it for a long hour because it is really comfortable!

Arianna T

05 Sep 2016

/ 5

these lens look as natural

these lens look as natural as possible considering they are circle lens. They are comfortable as well. I wear them to work, 8 hour days, with no problems. I do recommend


08 Nov 2016

/ 5

Amazing pair!

This pair is just.. wow! They're really beautiful, one of my favourites because their design is reaaaally natural, yet the colour shows intense on my dark brown eyes! They enlarge a bit the eye but not much, and feel comfortable, great!

  • Diameter
    16.50 mm
  • Color
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Type
  • Type
Product Name
Puffy 3 Tone - Puffy 3 Tones Grey Lens (known as Shinny Grey)