Kimchi Viva Blue Lens

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Kimchi Viva Blue

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Kimchi Viva Blue lens

Vibrant and deep blue color  16mm diameter contacts allow you to create an illusion of bigger and dolly eyes. 

Brand: Kimchi

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 55%

Effect Diameter: 16.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

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Product review

4.3 Average rating , total 3 reviews


03 Jul 2015

/ 5


very beautiful and enlarging, totally recommend!


24 Oct 2016

/ 3

pretty blue color in my dark eys

I like the way the lens help me bring out the dolly eye. The color was so nice and the design was just plain awesome. In fact, I really like the color most. As for other aspect, the lens is high in water content so it does not make my eyes dry easily and it was nice to wear.


14 Aug 2016

/ 5

Dolly eye effect with kimchi viva blue lens

A while back, I got my Kimchi Viva Blue Lens from LensVillage for my cosplay. The color turns out to be a little darker than expected but it was not a big deal. What’s making me liking it is because it gives the futuristic feel when it’s on my eyes. It has the thick dark outer rim that creates a dolly look and of course enlarging my eyes. The lens was pleasant to wear, high water content and comfy.

  • Diameter
    16.00 mm
  • Color
  • Type
  • Type
    Dark Rim