Kimchi Prince Black Lens

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Kimchi Prince Black

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Simple and bold black 16m diameter contact to define your light eyes. Solid outer rim/ring adds a new dimension to your eyes. Cosplayer's favourite black contact.

Brand: Kimchi

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 55%

Effect Diameter: 16.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable

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24 Aug 2017

/ 5


These are my go-to lenses for any costume that doesn't demand a specific eye color. Having green eyes, many of the effect contact lenses that look really pretty on darker eyes look strange on me. Lots of them make my eyes either look washed out or creepy. These on the other hand give a beautiful otherworldly look. They work great for all costumes and give me kind of a fairy/doe-eyed appearance. The gradual fade to clear makes them look much more realistic, as you don't get that harsh cutoff line around your natural eye color. Highly recommended!


13 Feb 2017

/ 5

Love them!

This lenses are nice and I really forgot about them!


20 Jan 2015

/ 5


Worth every penny

Shiro Samurai

08 Nov 2016

/ 5

Super black eyes!

A really dark, big and covering black lens. It's completely black except that the center is a bit lighter in color and "blends" slightly into the eyes. Gives a huge black dolly eye effect! Looks really cool even on light eyes. Comfort is also good!

Check out my review here:


15 May 2016

/ 5

Pretty darn good!

These contact lenses are really good if you want extreme big dolly eyes. For 16 effect diameter; it's pretty big but, cute at the same time. It's really easy to put on the contact lenses and extreme comfortable to wear. You will like it.

  • Diameter
    16.00 mm
  • Color
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Type