Kimchi Bambi Violet Lens

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Kimchi Bambi Violet

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Kimchi Bambi Violet Contacts

Its promiment design with a ark outer ring and inner bright ring is suitable for gyaru eyes, cosplay and lolita.

Brand: Kimchi

Origin: South Korea

Water content: 55%

Effect Diameter: 16.0mm

Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: One Year Disposable



Product review

4.7 Average rating , total 3 reviews


14 Sep 2017

/ 4

Amazing color! great fit!

This contacts came in very well sealed. The color was amazing. I have brown eyes and no doubt you can see the color of these vibrant contacts, they made my eyes appear bigger. The comfort level was ok, they did dry out fast but nothing eye drops could not fix. I loved them and after 6 months I did dispose them.


20 Feb 2015

/ 5

I love these! Great for fashion and cosplay.

The contacts i received were really comfortable to wear, not to mention super cute. I wear them to conventions for up to 14 hrs at a time and there is never any problems or discomfort, besides my eyes getting dry every few hrs but eye drops easily fix this problem! They also have great color pay off, you cant even see my dark brown eyes through them, although i sometimes get tunnel vision when i first put them in but after wearing them for about 10 mins this goes away. All in all, these lenses are great and i would definitely recommend them.

Kasumi Himi

19 Feb 2015

/ 5

Kimchi Bambi Violet

I absolutely LOVE these lenses, and definitely need to get some more of them in different colours & styles!
Amazing lenses that arrived in great time, the fit is perfect and super comfortable - great value for money!
I'd definitely recommend you pick yourselves up some of these!
Look: 5/5
Fit: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Service: 5/5

You can see my full review here:

  • Diameter
    16.00 mm
  • Color
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Type