i.Fairy Ruby Red Lens

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i.Fairy Ruby Red

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i.Fairy Ruby Red Lens

Price is for 1 Pair / 2 Lenses (Left and Right)

Life Span : 1 Year

Effect Diameter : 16.2mm

BC : 8.6mm 

Water Content : 55%

Power Range : Plano ~ -5.00D (-0.25 Step)
                         -5.00D ~ -8.50D (-0.50 Step)



Product review

5 Average rating , total 5 reviews

Invader Doitsu

20 May 2017

/ 5

Great for dark or light eyes

I bought these for my Prussia cosplay with some reservation - I wasn't sure how well they would go with my med. blue gray eyes. I was pleasantly surprised that they covered up most of my eye color and actually blended quite well with what they didn't cover. The lenses themselves are comfortable and I haven't found them to be drying.


09 Apr 2015

/ 5

Stunning Red Lenses

These Ruby Red contacts are so vibrant and beautiful! I was happily surprised at how true the colour was.

Shiro Samurai

22 Nov 2016

/ 5

Cosplay lens!

Beautiful and big red dolly eye lens! Great for cosplay. The color is a deeper shade, slightly on the darker side; looks good on my light blue-gray eyes. Really vibrant and with good color coverage. Also "blends" into my eyes surprisingly well for being an unnatural color, I mean that in the sense that these don't look really fake like those single color crazy red lenses.

Check out my review here with photos: http://valkoinensamurai.blogspot.com/2016/11/lens-review-ifairy-ruby-red.html


26 Aug 2016

/ 5

the only red opaque lens i love

I bought the i.Fairy Ruby Red Lens from LensVillage. I always prefer to buy from them because they are more trustworthy and their worldwide shipping fee are much more reasonable. As it is my first time buying this lens, I was very excited to put it on. It is quite big in diameter but i manage to put them in easily. The bright red lens just works well with my brown iris and the design is stunning. Because the water content was quite high, I have no problem wearing it for suitable hours. The comfortness was overall a good experience.


22 Sep 2016

/ 5

Perfect red contact lenses

Like the bright color of this lens, the design was stripy and awesome. The lens goes very well with dark eyes. The 16.2mm lens really gave me an amount of enlargement. The lens is a little thick but it is comfortable wearing it.

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