i.Fairy Kirei Grey Lens

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i.Fairy Kirei Grey

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i.Fairy Kirei Grey Lens

Price is for 1 Pair / 2 Lenses (Left and Right)

Life Span : 1 Year

Effect Diameter : 16.2mm

BC : 8.6mm 

Water Content : 55%

Power Range : Plano ~ -5.00D (-0.25 Step)
                         -5.00D ~ -8.50D (-0.50 Step)

The center of iFairy series consists of a yellow burst and the edge has a thick but not completely solid black ring. It gives you  a perfect enlargement and jewel-eye effect.



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27 Oct 2017

/ 5


They look amazing in person and in photos, always get compliments on these! I have naturally dark eyes so they blend in pretty well with these tones. I have bought them before and I will keep buying them


10 Aug 2016

/ 5

Shinning eyes with kirei grey contacts

What I like most about the lens is the color which brings out a little blue mixture with the grey. Besides that, I really like the dark limbal ring at the outer ring and the enlargement was just a suitable size for me. As for the comfortness, I have to problem wearing it for hours and hours.


05 Mar 2016

/ 5

Love the inner sparkling ring

My first time purchasing the i.Fairy Kirei Grey Lens. Personally, I like the bright color which at the same time gives me the halo feel. The lens has big diameter but no trouble at all for me to put it in. It is very comfortable and it has high water content that doesn't dry up my eyes so quickly.

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