i.Fairy Casper Violet Lens

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i.Fairy Casper Violet

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i.Fairy Casper Violet Lens

Effect Diameter : 16.2mm

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Center Thickness : 0.04mm

Water Content : 55%

Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

Power Range : -0.00 ~ -8.50 Degree



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09 Feb 2015

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They are a bit difficult to get on but once they are on they look nice and are very comfortable.


31 Dec 2014

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They look awesome but

They look amazing! I pooked after them 100% corectly However after about 2 months they started to burn in my eyes? So I've never warn them again. I'm not sure why this happened maybe my eyes were extra sensitive that day

Erin Read

20 Oct 2016

/ 2


I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect pair of contacts for my Halloween concept this year ..I ended up ordering these ,even paid extra to make sure they arrived in time ..I was excited at first .. until I put them on and found that they are not vibrant at all ..I specifically looked into the vibrant contacts ..those that would cover your own eye color and look bright and beautiful no matter the lighting.. instead I received contacts that might have nice purple and yellow color to them ..but the second you add them to your eyes they blend leaving you with just slightly bigger darkish grey seeming eyes ... I was very disappointed in this, as having vibrant eyes is one of my favorite parts of creating my characters ..I've been buying contacts for such things for years now ..tho they are comfortable to wear ,easy to put in , I am extremely sad with how they turned out.

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