ICK Shower Grey Lens

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ICK Shower Grey

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ICK Shower Grey Lens

Diameter: 15mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 42%

Power Range: 0.00 to -8.50

Life span: Yearly disposable contact lens (We recommend  you to change every 3 - 6 months)


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jelika leigh

08 Jun 2017

/ 5

so pretty on dark eyes

i love this pair, they show up perfectly and are a gorgeous color.

marina catalano

11 Feb 2017

/ 5


The ICK shower grey lens is the only grey I've tried so far that wasn't too dark or too anime "white" for regular daily wear. They don't enlarge a lot 15mm, and the limbal ring is a very light grey which surprisingly makes them seem more natural on my brown eyes combined with my med. dark skintone. I love the design of the shower line. I plan to get the shower brown too!

Tanuki Betty

13 Jan 2017

/ 5


These are really comfortable and I wore it for more than 12 hours. Around the 12 hour mark it got pretty uncomfortable. I didn't use any eye drops throughout the day and used a drugstore (Walgreens) contact solution. At first it was a bit muddled and it did get a little blurry throughout the day but after just a few blinks it was back to normal. About the color, it's really noticeable in the light but in dim lighting you can't see it much. It is a bit more on the unnatural side but I really like it, especially the orange in the center fading to the grey. I have astigmatism and these lens feel more comfy than regular lens. I can't really speak about the prescription and all because I got plano because I prefer glasses over the irritating regular contacts I tried out for a week. Overall, it was a great purchase and didn't give me much problems!

Mona. Hernandez

03 Sep 2016

/ 5

Really vibrant.

These lenses are SUPER vibrant and although they do enlarge it will not have the same effect as other lenses that have a limbal of the same size. I have no complaints about these lenses at all. The design is beautiful, they're extremely vibrant on really dark eyes, they enlarge my eyes just right, I don't need much makeup to make them look natural, are very comfortable, and one of the few lenses that appear a true grey and still appear natural in certain lighting. Now these do show up in pictures without need of flash or very much lighting at all(these actually look a little scary with flash in really dark lighting), but different lighting these lenses actually reflect light enough to appear a pale gray with a blue tint or a pale grey lavender color depending on the lighting in my experience. But these are great lenses for those who have dark eyes looking for for vibrant lenses no matter what lighting or light eyes who want a bit more vibrancy or add more color to their eyes. Now, I do have small eyes so the amount of enlargement isn't much(14.5mm usually is more than enough for me) so if you're looking for 16.00 mm, these lenses might seem a bit small for you since they look more like 14.5 due to not have a limbal ring. I actually really like these lenses a lot have to say that I like these way more than the Neo Cosmo glamour gray lenses since I'm not too much into SUPER natural looking lenses like the glamour greys. Not to say these won't look natural, but because they're so bright they don't blend as well in really bright lighting sometimes. Which is not a problem for me, but I can see it being kind of off putting for others. So I have to say that these are a great choice for those who want Extreme vibrancy without looking too fake, a true grey color, a great natural looking enlargement, and comfort( just remember these lenses aren't meant to be worn for more than 9). Lensvillage also was super awesome in the transaction by getting lenses here safe, well packaged, and on time. Hope that was helpful. Happy shopping everyone!

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