ICK Pearl Grey Lens

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ICK Pearl Grey

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ICK Pearl Grey Lens

Diameter: 15mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 42%

Power Range: 0.00 to -8.50 

Life span: Yearly disposable contact lens (We recommend  you to change every 3 - 6 months)


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Invader Doitsu

20 May 2017

/ 4

Comfortable and pretty

I tend to wear these lenses for "normal" activities like work or going out. They are comfortable for hours and the color/enlarging effect isn't entirely unnatural on my med. blue gray eyes. The gray of the lens does tend to disappear on me, but I think it's more that it blends very closely with my natural color than the lens not being vibrant.

  • Type
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Diameter
    15.00 mm
  • Color