ICK Cherie Brown Lens

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ICK Cherie3 Brown

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ICK Cherie Brown Lens

ICK Cherie Brown is a 3 tones lens that gives you striking and noticeable eyes. They blend naturally especially in dark eyes and 15mm diameter gives you a moderate eye enlargement with an ulzzang style.

Diameter: 15mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 42%

Power Range: 0.00 to -8.50

Life span: Yearly disposable contact lens (We recommend  you to change every 3 - 6 months)

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4.8 Average rating , total 4 reviews


12 Feb 2017

/ 4

Great Lens!

Really pretty lens, make you look doll like. Unfortunately, a little too big for my taste but its a nice color and you cant tell from afar


16 Jan 2017

/ 5


Oh I'm so in love with these lenses! Absolutely beautiful! They are really comfortable and thin. A pop of colour on my dark eyes! ❤️


10 Sep 2016

/ 5

Love the inner glitter ring!

I really like the ICK Cherie Brown Lens for their design because its a 3 tones lens. The color, comfortness and overall I would say it does make me satisfied.


13 Aug 2016

/ 5

Great store with awesome customer service

First and foremost the lens was designed in a pleasant design. However, it’s my first time buying the ICK Cherie Brown Lens and from LensVillage. I actually needed help to choose a lens so I sent a mail to LensVillage and telling them what I needed currently. Very friendly and fast, they recommend me the ICK Cherie Brown Lens which is 3 tones. It was something special because I always think that 3 tones lens doesn’t suits me. Surprisingly it turns out to be great. The vibrant color and the enlargement was an impress to me. There is nothing needed to say about the comfortness because it’s really good. Maybe trying something new is not that bad and for sure I will come back for the lens again.

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    15.00 mm
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