ICK Cherie Blue Lens

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ICK Cherie3 Blue

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ICK Cherie Blue Lens

ICK Cherie Blue is a 3 tones lens that gives you striking and noticeable eyes. They blend naturally especially in dark eyes and 15mm diameter gives you a moderate eye enlargement with an ulzzang style.

Diameter: 15mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 42%

Power Range: 0.00 to -8.50

Life span: Yearly disposable contact lens (We recommend  you to change every 3 - 6 months)


Product review

4.8 Average rating , total 4 reviews


07 Dec 2015

/ 5

Great Natural Baby like color

These are really noticeable blue lenses, i recommend these if anyone wants there blue contacts to stick out.


27 Aug 2016

/ 5

Super comfortable contacts!!!!!

I would first like to state about the comfortness that makes the lens superb. High water content and light so that I can wear it for long time. Next is the design which the lens is pixelated. The color is 3 tones and make my eyes stand out. It was a lovely lens and I definitely will come back for more.


05 Jul 2016

/ 4

The gold speakling inner ring is a boom!

What makes the lens special is that it has 3 tones. The outer ring is a black limbal ring and the middle part which is blue with a little brown ring in the inner ring to blend with my eyes. This lens gives me a dolly look and the enlargement was great. Moreover, it is the design who first caught my attention and the comfortness of the lens is worth a thumbs up.


01 Jul 2016

/ 5

ICK Cherie 3 tone blue circle lens

Great, vibrant circle lens

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  • Diameter
    15.00 mm
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