Geolica Euro Lady Lime Green GS-A13 - Geolica Contact Lens

Geo Medical
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Geolica Euro Lady Lime Green GS-A13

Geoelica Euro Lady contact lens series comes in a pair of same eye power for both side. If you wish to try some unique type of the contact lens, then you can go with the Geolica contact lens. You never know how gorgeous your eyes will look.

Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00

Price is for 2 pcs of lenses / 1 pair

Life Span : 3 months

B.C : 8.6 mm

Diameter : 14.20 mm

Water Content : 42%

Manufacturer : Geo Medical 

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4.5 Average rating , total 4 reviews


10 Mar 2018

/ 4

Purple & Green

Stunning nothing but compliments! I will most definitely by this brand again.

Mercedes Jackson

21 Nov 2017

/ 5

Everyone loves it

I love the green contacts. They look really nice on me. I can't wait to try another natural green color, they are amazing.


05 Jan 2015

/ 5


They are great, they make my whole face look radiant. I eyes are dark brown, they look natural green.


08 Nov 2016

/ 4

Beautiful green

These circle lenses are very beautiful, the design looks like a kiwi, so cute! They're not the most comfortable though, but I can wear them a few hours before I need eye drops. They are perfect for my dark brown eyes, the green colour looks so intense!

  • Diameter
    14.20 mm
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