Geo Xtra Bella Brown Lens WBS204

Geo Medical
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Geo Xtra Bella Brown Lens WBS204 

The Geo Xtra Bella provides great comfort to the eyes unlike other lenses. Its 15mm diameter and 8.6mm base curve help the lens to perfectly fit the eye. Priced at $20.00 it’s a deal! Get ready to be the centre of the attraction once you wear these lenses. Currently available in zero power you would be surprised with its clarity and flexibility. avaiable in blue, brown, green, grey and violet colors.

Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00

Price is for 2 pcs of lenses / 1 pair

Life Span : 1 year

B.C : 8.7 mm

Diameter : 15.00 mm

Water Content : 38%

Expiry Date : See bottle

Manufacturer : Geo Medical 

Product review

4.5 Average rating , total 4 reviews


24 Feb 2015

/ 5

Black and Brown GeoMedical and Bella Circle Lenses!

Hi all! I recently purchased 2 pairs of Plano lenses. One brown and one black, both 14.5 mm. I have never in my LIFE worn any sort of contacts before so I was nervous, and I was nervous about how they'd make me look and how they'd affect my eyesight. Well they arrived after a LONG time, which was to be expected. It took about 20 days to arrive I believe. But it was worth the wait! I wore the black ones everyday for 6 hours for a week, and I absolutely love them! I have a round/heart shaped face, and I've always had a big nose and the lenses(plus some very strategic eyeliner) made my eyes perfectly counteract them! I just loove the black ones. They give me eyes this ethereal size and spookiness, and blend perfectly with my own eyes because my irises are so dark I've never actually been able to tell my iris from my pupil. I recently started wearing the brown ones, and I love them too! They are the perfect size so that the color would actually be believable and someone would simply think I had larger than normal eyes. They are so natural yet otherworldly and pretty, it's amazing! I get compliments all the time. They came well packaged and in perfect condition, and the cases are just so cute! I can't imagine a time when I didn't wear circle lenses! I will definitely be purchasing from LensVillage again. Perhaps I'll try the gray and blue lenses next! I will also be recommending them on my Instagram and Facebook page! Hope to push a lot of business your way


13 Feb 2015

/ 5

I absolutely LOVE these lenses!

I absolutely LOVE these lenses! They were the perfect brown color and they make eyes look a lot cuter!!


14 Jan 2015

/ 3

Fast shipping

The shipping was really fast but the lences were a small disappointment. They weren't covering enough my green/grey eyes and you can see my real color as soon as you make eye contact.

Cassie Colebank

08 Nov 2016

/ 5

Super comfortable

These lenses are fantastic and definitely give you that dolly-eyed look. The color is just right, not too light, not too dark. They are very comfortable and I wore them for a few hours with no problems!

  • Diameter
    15.00 mm
  • Color
  • Type
  • Type
    Dark Rim