Fairy 1 Day Princess Pink Lens

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Fairy 1 Day Princess Pink

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Fairy 1 Day Princess Pink

Packaging: Power and Plano: 10pcs/box

Base Curve: 8.70mm

Diameter: 14.2mm(Diameter of tinted area 13.3mm)

Center ThicknessåÜÛÛ(at -3.00D): 0.08mm

Water Content: 38.0%åÜÛÛDk Value: 8åÜÛÛDk/L Value: 10.0

Product review

3.5 Average rating , total 2 reviews


03 Mar 2015

/ 5

Love these lens!

I ordered these because I wanted a more natural every day look that I could get away with wearing at work. These are perfect! Even though I purchased pink, no one can tell they're not natural unless I point it out. I'm definitely going to buy more from this brand and style.

Cassie Colebank

08 Nov 2016

/ 2

Good lenses, but little color

These lenses are very cool because you just toss them out when you are done wearing them! My only complaint would be that the color is not very vibrant. They look more brown, than pink, but still very natural.

  • Diameter
    14.20 mm
  • Color
  • Type
    Dark Rim
  • Type