Fairy 1 Day Princess Green Lens

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Fairy 1 Day Princess Green

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Fairy 1 Day Princess Green

Packaging: Power and Plano: 10pcs/box

Base Curve: 8.70mm

Diameter: 14.2mm(Diameter of tinted area 13.3mm)

Center ThicknessåÜÛÛ(at -3.00D): 0.08mm

Water Content: 38.0%åÜÛÛDk Value: 8åÜÛÛDk/L Value: 10.0

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02 Mar 2015

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Okay for dailies. Color is darker than pictured.

I bought these because I thought that since they are for daily use, that they'd be more comfortable. It might be unique to my eyes, but after about 5 hours of wear, my eyes started to feel dry and irritable/red - they probably aren't very breathable as normal daily contacts. If you have dark brown eyes like me, you won't really be able to notice green color. You're only able to see the green if you look very closely. However, they are circle lens, so they are wider/larger than my iris and they do give that circle lens look - I only wish the green was more noticeable (It won't be a problem if you have naturally light color eyes!).

Positive note, I do like that they are dailies, I wore a pair for two days (I used contact solution to clean them and kept them in a contact case overnight and wore them for a second day) and it was fine.

  • Diameter
    14.20 mm
  • Color
  • Type
  • Type
    Dark Rim