ColourVue Sclera Gremlin Lens

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CV Sclera Gremlin

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Diameter : 22mm

Base Curve : 11mm

Life Span : 1 year after bottle opened (We recommend 3 months)

Expiry Date : See bottle

Prescription Available : Power 0.00 only

ColourVue Sclera Gremlin 22mm contact lens provides a stunning visual effect. Special print on the lense (colour) will completely cover your natural eye color- even if your eye is dark. It is soft textured, and made of 45% water & 55% Terpolymer, immersed in sterile buffered saline solution. ColourVue crazy sclera lenses are produced under ISO International Standards quality control and assurance, and have a CE safety certification. 

Product review

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Jessica Chan

04 May 2015

/ 5

Very good!

Im very pleased with the lenses, would buy again.


01 Apr 2015

/ 5


These contacts take some getting used too, and one of mine is thicker than the other. But other than that, they are perfect for anyone looking for Tokyo Ghoul lenses. They're worth the price. I would recommend these to any fellow Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers.

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    22.00 mm
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