ColourVue Big Eyes Cool Blue Lens

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CV Big Eyes Cool Blue

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ColourVUE Big Eyes - Cool Blue

ColourVUE Big Eyes feature beautiful colour shades and blending designs to create a true Big Eyes Circle lens.

Price is for a Pair  (Left Eye Power and Right Eye Power each)

Three month disposable contact lenses.
The soft contact lenses last for 3 months, with proper care and storage (care and usage instructions are provided).

Contents Per Box:
Each box contains two soft contact lenses (45% water, 55% terpolymer) and come sealed in a blister pack, immersed in a sterile buffered saline solution. 

Packaging : Two Lenses Per Box

Replacement : 3 months

Power : Plano (0.00) , -0.50 to -8.00

ColourVue Big Eyes effect lenses make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a doll like appearance.

The Thick circle creates a defined looking eyes with naturally blending colour tones.

Suitable forboth dark and light eyes, you can select from eight natural looking colours or a natural ring that doesn't change your eye colour

. Ultra 15mm Big Eyes Circle Lens
. Patented HYDROGEL Material, High Oxygen Permeability
. European CE approved, ISO9001

. Exceptional comfort
. Suitable for both dark and light coloured eyes
. Natural Colour Change and Bigger defined looking eyes

Product review

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31 Aug 2015

/ 5

I love them!

I bought these since the actual blue pair of contacts I wanted were sold out.
But I am not disappointed! I got express shipping cuz I needed them for a animecon that was a week away. They got to me promply and they look great.
They are very comfortable(once you get them in lol) the color is very vibrant considering I have dark brown eyes. Of course from up close you can see the brown in the center but hey what can you do. They really make your eyes BIG. I were them often cause I'm in love with the big eye effect they give(tho that's what circle lens' are for) I plan to buy many other colors!
I have worn them for about 6+ hours. I naturally get dry eyes from air movement so I just carry eye drops with me for whenever I need a little hydration, but I could go at least 5 hours before really feeling them getting dry.

Therefore I would deffinetly recommend these. ^__^

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