ColourVue Basic Grey Lens

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CV Basic Grey

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ColourVue Basic contact lenses offer your eyes a beautiful and simple design which looks natural and pleasant. These are available in plano or zero power only. These come in four colors - blue, green, honey and grey. These are comfortable to wear and will keep your eyes looking fresh and sparkling all through the day. Their simple design and pleasant colors will leave you feeling relaxed and confident all day long.

The new one tone lenses offer the opportunity for a basic colour change with a simple but beautiful design. The lenses work well on any eye colour with bright colours that transform your eyes.

Price is for a Pair  (2 pieces of lenses)

 2 Lenses / 1 Pair (Left and Right each) 

Duration     3 Months
Power Available      Plano only / 0.00
> Simple, yet beautiful one tone lens design that looks like a natural eye colour 
> Works well with lighter eyes but can also be effective in darker eyes
> Patented hydrogel material, high oxygen permeability

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25 Feb 2015

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I love it, but the

I love it, but the color didn't turn out not bright as in the pic I saw in lensvillage

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    14.00 mm
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