Byakugan Contacts - ColourVue Crazy White Screen Lens

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CV Crazy White Screen

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Diameter : 14mm

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 3 months

Expiry Date : See bottle

Prescription Available : Power 0.00 only

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Emma Lee

14 Oct 2017

/ 5

Easy to see through, medium opaque

Very easy to see through, you could almost (almost) drive with them in. The trade off is that they aren't as opaque as I was expecting. But, they're certainly still very creepy and look great at a distance and in photos!

Kay Dunleavy

05 Apr 2017

/ 5

Best Screen Lenses!

I've tried a few different brands of screen/mesh lenses and these are my favorite, very comfortable and they don't obscure my vision as much as other brands.

  • Type
  • Diameter
    14.00 mm
  • Color
  • Type
    Naruto Contacts
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