GeoSkinCare Anti-Spot Vitamin Whitening Mask

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Geoskincare Anti-Spot Vitamin Whitening Mask
Packaging: (25ml x 6pcs/box)
Geoskincare Anti Spot Vitamin Whitening Mask removes all dirt, impurities on your face and it can be seen on the mask when it’s taken off! This Face mask is made from natural and flexible fibers. Containing vitamin C, Liquorice, tranexamic acid, rosehip, oats and sodium hyaluronate. This mask will help to increase the moisture in your skin, soothe itchy, dry skin and reduce the appearance of freckles and pigmentation.
Have you encountered a mask that can be left on for 60 minutes? Usually mask sheets can only be left on for 15-20 minutes tops, except for this mask! What makes this sheet mask so special is it can leave it for 45 minutes. For the brightening effect to take place 60 minutes. Will it dry out your face after 60 minutes? No, it wouldn’t because this sheet mask is not made out of ordinary paper mask, and instead we are using a bio-cellulose sheet mask for this!
FACT: Bio Cellulose fibres are four times stronger than normal sheet masks and able to attract and retain fluid in great capacity!
Bio-cellulose mask:
– The Bio-cellulose mask is made of bio-fiber material that can isolate bacteria;
– Using natural and delicate edible fungus fiber as raw material, it is naturally fermented by yeast;
– 20 nanometer ultrafine fiber: perfectly applied to the skin corner, perfect absorption;
– 3D three-dimensional staggered structure: excellent gas permeability, excellent adsorption, excellent coating power.

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GeoSkinCare Anti-Spot Vitamin Whitening Mask