Shop and Earn Store Credit 


Get a 15% cash back bonus on all your purchases*. This LensVillage Rewards Program allows you to earn back the money you have spent. For every single order you purchased in LensVillage, you can earn store credit worth 15% of your order value! 


How the reward works?
1. Shop any item in LensVillage.
2. *You will earn store credit worths 15% of your purchase value.

An example of how it works:
If you purchase an item priced at $22.90, you will earn 15% of the value ($3.44) as reward. The store credit will be shown in your LensVillage account within 2 working days.

Let's say:

Get $3 store credit for $20 order value

Get $7.50 store credit for $50 order value

Get $15 store credit for $100 order value

Isn't it a good deal?

How to Apply Store Credit in Purchase
You can start using the store credit once you've earned a minimum of $5 store credit. Store credit can be applied at checkout page (one step before inserting your payment details). AND, your reward has no expiration date!


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