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ColourVue Lens Review

ColourVue 3 Tones Grey review
ColourVue Party Green review
ColourVue Star & Jewel - Jewel Silver review [video]
ColourVue Star & Jewel - Jewel Gold review 
ColourVue Crazy Mad Hatter review


Dueba / DollyEye Lens Review

Ariale Diamond Grey review
BT 15 Brown Lens [video]
Dizoneye Blue review
DollyEye 3D Bat Brown review
DollyEye Blytheye Blue review
DollyEye Flower Pink lens review
DollyEye Georgiae ML3 Brown review
DollyEye Rosy Rosa Blue review
DollyEye Rosy Rosa Violet review
Dreamy.i Violet review [video]
Dueba Kira Kira Green review 
Dueba Kira Kira Pink review [video] 
Dueba Kira Kira Violet review
Lathae BF20 Blue review
Natural 3 Tones Blue review
Natural 3 Tones Grey review
Natural 3 Tones Brown / Honey review
Pop C Light Brown review
Princess Nudy Blue review [1]
Princess Nudy Blue review [2]
Princess Nudy Pink review
Puffy 3 Tones Green review
Puffy 3 Tones Grey review [video]
Puffy 3 Tones Grey review [video]
Puffy 3 Tones Grey review [video]
Puffy 3 Tones Grey review 
Puffy 3 Tones Brown review
Sugar Candy Pink review
Superdoll Green lens review
Superdoll Violet lens review
Twilight Red lens review


EOS Lens Review

Adult / Blytheye Blue review
Adult / Blytheye Violet review
Gothic 3 Tones Grey review
Gothic 3 Tones Sapphire review
Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise review
EOS Bubble Blue review
EOS Bubble Brown review
EOS Bubble Brown review


Geo Medical Lens Review

Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown review
BC-101 Geo Circle Brown review
BC-102 Geo Circle Brown review
HC-245 Geo Grang Grang Gray review
Geo Black Circle Lens CK105 [video]
CP-F3 Geo Animation lens review
CP-S1 Geo Animation lens review
CM-833 Geo Angel Green review
CM-901 Geo Tri Color Grey review [1]
CM-902 Geo Tri Color Brown review [2]
CM-902 Geo Tri Color Brown review [3]
FC-724 Geo Circle Brown review
OL-104 Geo Honey Wing review
SIB24 Geo Eyevelyn Brown (Silicone Hydrogel) Lens [video]
WFL-A65 Geo Xtra Flower Bonaire Grey review [video]
WHC-246 Geo Grang Grang Choco review
WT-B31 Geo Xtra Diamond Violet review 
WI-A24 Geo Xtra Sakura Brown review
WI-A27 Geo Xtra Sakura Pink review
WMM-303 Geo Princess Mimi Green Apple review [video]
WMM-504 Geo Mimi Macchiato Brown review
WT-B62 Geo Xtra Forest Blue review
WT-B67 Geo Xtra Forest Pink review
XCH-621 Geo Super Nudy Violet review
YH-303 Geo Twins Brown review
Geolica Euro Lady Aqua Blue review
Geolica Euro Celine Blue FL-D32 [video]


iFairy / Vassen Lens Review

iFairy Ash Blue review
iFairy Ash Green review [video]
i.Fairy Aura HD Black [video]
iFairy Hanabi Blue review
iFairy Kirei Brown review
iFairy Kirei Grey review
iFairy Moe Moe Brown review
iFairy Moe Moe Brown review
iFairy Moe Moe Grey review
iFairy Moonlite Blue review
iFairy Moonlite Yellow review
iFairy Tofi Gold review
iFairy Trinity Grey review
iFairy Ruby Brown review


Kimchi Lens Review

Kimchi Bambi Blue review
Kimchi Bambi Green review
Kimchi Bambi Pink review
Kimchi Bambi Violet review
Kimchi Flora Green review
Kimchi Kiss Blue review
Kimchi Maki Yellow review [video]