Wearing cosplay contact lenses can add a significant special effect to your eyes in costume party, anime conventions, cosplay events and even the annual event Halloween. These special effect lenses are known as FX contact lenses too. Look at our collection of terrifying, scary, dramatic, horror, zombie, creepy, warewolf, gothic, vampire and much more. More recommendation lenses at our cosplay contacts page.  All these cool and special contacts allow you to fully accentuate a special character, charisma or creature from movie, anime, manga and video games. If you prefer to have big adorable dolly eyes instead, take a look at circle lenses with enlarging effect

Tips on choosing cosplay contacts. 

1) Red contact lenses demonstrate hate and evil energy (Best with demons and devils, vampire, killer)

2) White contact lenses demonstrate zombie effect (Best with skull makeup, ghosts, phantom, ghoul, monsters,  witch)

3) Black contacts exposes power and foreceful  (Best with werewolf cosplay)  

4)  Sclera contacts create the illusion in your inhuman-looking eyes. (Best with Goths, photo shooting and movie production for maximum visual effect)


Maquillaje De Vampira

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i.Fairy Moonlite Yellow    

Elfgutz Comet

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Dollyeye Pink  

 Old Skul Makeup

CP F1 white contacts for old skul cosplay

▲ Geo CP-F1


Unleash your inner geek and take your cosplay costume to the next level!  Wearing striking, bold, vibrant, strongly opaque or even animated lens can make your cosplay looks even more fantastic and complete. These anime colored contact lenses definitely add vivid to your eyes and enhance your style. We have quite an impressive collection of cosplayers to show you.  

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