ICK Lens

ICK circle lens is known as bright and beautiful colored circle lens for an attractive and bright glowing eyes. Colored contact lenses (same as cosmetic circle lenses) can change your original eye color to be more alluring. Complete your full makeup with a pair of appealing circle lens. You would not regret trying it. People who have dark eyes are recommended to wear brown colored contacts for a natural blending whereas green and blue colored lens are recommended for light eyes. ICK T-1 Grey lens adds a thin hue to your eyes and ICK Freshlook green contacts can be worn daily. It is a pretty lens from distance and even prettier up close. If you do not like dolly look (circle lenses with a thick limbal ring), you can choose something simple – ICK Elegant Grey and ICK Diamond Brown. Want to look more feminine? Choose ICK Clara Violet then! ICK Clara Blue and ICK Soony Grey are subtle contacts that it is not noticeable from far. Thanks to the technology and contact lens invention, creating an alluring and sophisticated eye is easier than ever now. Want to have brown outer ring circle lens? Choose ICK Adora. Buy all time ICK best selling circle lens – ICK Garnet Contacts. They are available at 7 amazing colors, green, violet, grey, brown,pink, blue and red! Get them all now.

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