Cosplay Contacts Lenses | Costume Contacts

Wearing cosplay contact lenses can add a significant special effect to your eyes in costume party, anime conventions, cosplay events. These special effect lenses are known as FX contact lenses too. Look at our collection of terrifying, scary, dramatic, horror, zombie, creepy, warewolf, gothic, vampire and much more. All these cool and special contacts allow you to fully accentuate a special character, charisma or creature from movie, anime, manga and video games. If you prefer to have big adorable dolly eyes instead, take a look at circle lenses with enlarging effect. We know you love getting into character. That is why LensVillage offers you numerous low-priced cosplay contacts, prescription cosplay contacts when it is that time of the year, cosplay contacts and also costume contact lenses (cat eye, vampire, walking dead and more). Our range of cosplay contact lenses is broad and you definitely can get your favourite Naruto character cosplay contacts and other well-known anime cosplay contact lenses at LensVillage. Costume party coming up? Wait no longer! Get the costume contact lenses in time with express shipping. Enhance your character’s look with cosplay contact lenses! This line of circle contact lenses are designed and created with the expressed intent of making your desired eye color pop, shining with brilliance embodying flashiness at its best, allowing you to look and stay in character with ease. Complete your anime or manga look with the costume contact lenses from lens village. Our lenses have high water content which will avoid you from getting a dry-eye.