ColourVue Lens


Expertly made and beautifully designed by Maxvue Vision and FABU Ltd, the leading designers of coloured fashion contact lenses, ColourVUE contact Lenses exceed European regulations and have been quality certified for bright and stunning lenses that you can rely on. Change your style with our fantastic choice of crazy and fashion lenses including: Colourvue Basics coloured fashion lenses, Glamour fashion lensesBig Eyes fashion lenses, Fusion fashion eye lenses, 3 Tones fashion contact lenses, Stars & Jewel colour fashion lensesCrazy coloured lenses and UV Glow fashion lenses.

With 2 easy-to-use lenses in each box for quarterly use, or 1 lens in a vial for yearly use, these comfortable lenses are made from a patented soft Hydrogel material and have great water content to give your eyes high oxygen permeability, a super comfortable fit, and the safest, most funky lenses around.

The ColourVUE circle contact lenses are available in a range of bright and stunning options exceeding European regulations. Expertly made and beautifully designed, you can easily change your style with a vast selection of fashion coloured lenses in the series, from Basic coloured, Glamour, Big Eyes, Fusion, to 3 Tones, Stars and Jewel, Crazy, and UV Glow. These comfortable coloured circle lenses, made from a patented soft Hydrogel material and have great water content, ColourVUE contact lenses offer high oxygen permeability and super comfortable fit, alongside being one of the safest and most funky ones around that you can add to your collection.

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